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Scoriet – An open source program generator

Scoriet is a program generator that generates source code using templates. At the moment, limited to PHP and MySQL, the future of the tool is still open!

A brief history

Scoriet is an artifact from (S) Source (C) Code and ‘Oriet’. Oriet means loosely translated in Latin he / she / it will arise. So the meaning of the word is “source code will arise”.

Scoriet was formerly called ClassMax, which initially served to create a class for PHP, without GUI / Frontend CRUD (create, read, update, delete) pages. Later I also developed templates for a CRUD RAD pattern and the name ClassMax was somewhat too little. Different names followed like TotalSourceMaker or NabooGenerator … but Scoriet made the race!

The idea for Scoriet came to me about 20 years ago, first developed in Visual Basic 6.0 and then refined. What would be if there was a generator that only generated a database, a program, then we would save weeks, months of work, since when we create a new file in the database, we just have to press a button Data capture / data maintenance is ready, we only care about the evaluation or the programs that need the data. No tables, no forms, no PDF output (CRUD), etc. more difficult to program.

WinDev opened up new ways and possibilities for me. From 2012 (WinDev 17) WinDev got the possibility to execute code dynamically. However, the source code for the execution (to analyze templates, parse and merge to a source code) required a lot of work and several attempts, so the development of Scoriet took years. Unfortunately Scoriet is still not quite finished, it will unfortunately never be due to the matter and is therefore constantly developed further.


Now Scoriet can run two different template programming languages. First the own template language (similar to Smarty) and, of course, directly the programming language of WinDev itself, namely W-Language. This makes it possible to create extremely complex templates. Each template can be related to the project, all tables, a table, or specific tables. Even the link between the tables can access the templates! You can access the entire database within the template, so you have all options open!

Scoriet compiles the templates and WinDev dynamically executes this source code, which in turn generates the source code for your generated application!

Scoriet has no fixed source code that is inserted somewhere, so Scoriet is universally applicable for: PHP, Laravel, Yii, Zend, Symfony, Python, Ruby on Rails, C ++, C #, VB.NET, Swift, X-Code, Cobol, Basic (VB-Dos, VB6, QBasic, etc.), and many, many other programming languages! Virtually all programming languages that store the source code in plaintext files can be generated with Scoriet. However, a separate template has to be developed for each programming language.

Scoriet naturally allows you to create templates and of course to import templates from other programmers. You can modify the built-in templates and save them as a template!

Scoriet provides a rather primitive PHP template, please forbearance, my time is at the moment only for the essential things. This template should only demonstrate the possibilities. Help is urgently needed for templates!

MySQL and MariaDB

Scoriet imports a MySQL/MariaDB database (later it is also planned to import other databases, MS-SQL is already in process) into the own database (HyperFile Classic, HFSQL client / server is also planned later) and this own database is the basis for the Generator that generates the final source code using a template. If you use another database, you can import it into a MySQL/MariaDB database first!

Open source

Scoriet is from the end of 2017 open source, so I ask for donations to further develop Scoriet, the source code is available for the time being only on request by email, later planned Scoriet to be made available on Sourceforge or Github.

Optional registration

Scoriet requires a registration, but this is optional. Every user who registers will receive an email (no spam !!!), if something changes with Scoriet, new templates are added, Scoriet further functions, etc. received! Privacy is important to us, we do not sell emails, spam is strictly forbidden!


Recommend Scoriet, so the community grows and Scoriet becomes a powerful tool, not only for PHP but also for many other programming languages!

Help us

We need some help: If someone is familiar with PHP Yii, PHP Laravel 5x or other good PHP Framewort, please contact us, we want to install a template in the next version.



New Version

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Scoriet MariaDB

Scoriet allows a connection to MariaDB too!
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Scoriet GitHub online

Finally online, scoriet repository: https://github.com/Harveyhase68/scoriet
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Scoriet is open-source

We decided to make ScorietĀ open source. Scoriet is now GPL, i. Alexander Predl is, of course, the copyright owner and...
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