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The FAQ section for questions and answers


Q: What does Scoriet stand for?

A: Scoriet is an artificial word from (S)ource (c)ode and oriet (in Latin it means he / she / it will be arise/born)


Q: Why is Scoriet better than other program generators?

A: Scoriet uses templates that can be changed by the programmer. Scoriet does not generate the code, but the templates control the source code generator. The result, much more flexible generation, no fixed source code components inserted by the generator and no one has access to it. Scoriet can generate ANY source code based on text. This is the best way to get the most out of PHP, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, .Laravel, Yii, Symfony, Zend, SQL, JAVA, C ++, C #, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Python, Ruby on Rails ... and many more !!!


Q: Which programming language was used to develop Scoriet?

A: With WinDev 19-22, the database is HFClassic, Scoriet in the Professional version, will use HFClient / Server


Q: Why using WinDev?

A: Because WinDev has exactly what Scoriet desperately needs. A dynamic code compiler !!!! All templates are parsed (syntax analyzed) and then compiled and executed by means of WinDev's own code compiler. All templates thus produce SELF the desired final source code.


Q: Is Scoriet running on Windows 10?

A: YES, of course, Scoriet is already available in a 64 bit version, which has already been tested under Windows 10!


All other questions that are asked about the forum are gradually incorporated into this FAQ.


Please note that all errors that have not been resolved can be found in the Help under "TODO"