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Welcome to Scoriet

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Welcome and thank you for using Scoriet!


Scoriet creates an application from your existing database. This application can be an application for the desktop, a mobile application, or an Internet-based application.


The usual CRUD windows are generated, but many other windows can be created, e.g. the configuration, the main menu, a login window, etc.


Scoriet imports your database description (tables, fields, links) from your database (MySQL), which are stored in the Scoriet database.


The revolutionaries of Scoriet are his templates, a template controls the generator, not vice versa. A template uses all the database tables and fields to create your source code. This means that each template is responsible for the entire generation. Any changes you make to a template will also have an effect.


Scoriet Features:


Multilingual applications.

Import a MySQL database.

Template-supported program generator, therefore almost possible for all programming languages.

Free edition available (see free edition).

A PHP template is available.

Templates can be created in the Professional Edition and sold later.

Database versioning, every new import of the database creates a new version, this may be e.g. for larvel migrations.